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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Adderall Withdrawal

Adderall Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatment, Timeline Adderall Withdrawal is a prescription medication. It can also be used in the treatment…

Adderall Withdrawal: Symptoms and Treatment, Timeline

Adderall Withdrawal is a prescription medication. It can also be used in the treatment of other diseases like narcolepsy. To treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Adderall is a very essential drug. Amphetamine and dextroamphetamine are two important drugs that are present in Adderall. The people especially, children show improved symptoms with this stimulant. The people with narcolepsy show increase restlessness.

Adderall has two important forms:

  • Adderall oral tablet
  • Adderall XR oral capsule

What is Adderall withdrawal?

Your doctor may have prescribed Adderall if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Adderall also helps in proper concentrate, so may be used by many students who want to increase their focus. If people are recommended to use this drug then they can take it but not for a long period of time. If someone takes it for a long period of time it may show severe side effects. Your body and brain have to adjust to the change, when you quit taking, the drug. A key player when it comes to focusing and attention called dopamine, Adderall boosts this brain chemical. Adderall misuse is most common among people age 18 to 25, according to research published in 2016. Mainly, Adderall is used for treating ADHD. But, some people consume this drug for the means of intentional abuse. If you use large doses of Adderall without the prescription, this may result in serious health problems. The non-therapeutic dose of Adderall can produce a crash and lead to life-threatening problems. It is also known as intense mini withdrawal.

How to deal with Adderall withdrawal?

Pulling back after taking the intensive dose of Adderall leaves the addict in a perplexing situation that forges the symptoms. It is never easy to deal with any drug withdrawal, especially Adderall, which doesn’t have a systematic procedure. The self-motivational training sessions and the support medicines assist a lot when you are dealing with Adderall withdrawal. The withdrawal of Adderall drains most of the energy from the body, so you can take on some healthy diet and light exercise to keep yourself on track. The situation of Adderall withdrawal takes you a lot of mental and physical capabilities to extort this drug from the body permanently, making your withdrawal sessions bleak and discouraging. But once you have managed the struggle of Adderall for a few weeks, things will start getting back to normal.

Adderall Withdrawal Symptoms

After stop taking a drug, several symptoms will appear. Too much use of this drug can lead to dangerous results. Some of them are discussed here.

  • Unusual weariness
  • sadness
  • Sleeplessness
  • queasiness
  • unsettled stomach
  • Adderall craving
  • headache
  • slow heart rate
  • Problems thinking
  • Cramp

One of the important factors to experience these symptoms is the patient does not follow the proper instructions and the result can be dangerous. These results in the patient may become habitual of drug addiction.

How long does Adderall withdrawal symptoms last?

The duration of withdrawal varies from person to person.  The time duration of experiencing symptoms is different for different patients. It depends upon the number of days and weeks. One primary factor that primarily affects is too much taking of this drug. Time is also an essential factor and directly associated with withdrawal duration. People can expect withdrawal symptoms to last longer, who took large doses more frequently. There is a frequent question of how long Adderall withdrawal symptoms last that lingers in Adderall withdrawal patients’ minds. If Adderall’s addiction is not very strong, you can relive your withdrawal symptoms in a minimum of three days. But most people incline towards Adderall withdrawal after getting voluminous does. In such cases, the withdrawal systems of Adderall may last for a few weeks before leaving your system entirely.

How to quit Adderall?

Some patients struggle to know is their withdrawal from Adderall. The withdrawal from Adderall is possible, just like other drugs, but it doesn’t come with specific medication. If you want to tapper the Adderall withdrawal, you must know that indulging a professional doctor in your recovery plan is essential. The Adderall withdrawal should be a gradual processor with proper scheduling. There are also questions regarding how to stop taking Adderall without withdrawal. The reduction of Adderall addiction reckons on the level of dependency that your body is accustomed to daily. There are specific detox and rehabilitation program that caters to the people suffering from symptoms. There isn’t a particular set of medications that can lower the dependency on Adderall, so you must tend to the Adderall Withdrawal for this cause.  Make sure to undergo the scheduled Adderall withdrawal under a doctor’s guidance to avoid and tap its symptoms without catalyzing any life-threatening symptoms.

How to ease Adderall withdrawal?

There are no proper medicines available for the treatment of this disease nowadays. The patients may not be provided with proper medication. The absence of proper medication may be involved in many factors. Detox containing harmful substances can help patients having withdrawal symptoms under medical supervision. The symptoms may or may not harmful; it depends on the patient’s condition. its symptoms can cause depression and, the patients are in severe condition. In this case, vigilant monitoring and psychiatric medications may be required. Trazodone will also recommend to the patients who suffer from this disease. You probably won’t need any long-term treatment, if you were taking Adderall for ADHD exactly as your doctor prescribed. Different types of amphetamine are preferred for long-term treatment.

Side effects

Most people treat ADHD with stimulant medicines, others take non-stimulants.

Both types have side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Tics
  • Moodiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Loss of appetite


If you are a student and using Adderall to study, quitting can be particularly hard because it is really hard to quit the addictive drugs. If you are a therapist or a counselor at college, it’s going to assist you to develop new studying habits but, results are often dangerous later. A person with a sharp and fully concentrate the mind, there is no got to use Adderall in the future.

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