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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Dry Drunk

Dry Drunk Syndrome: What is Dry drunk? Dry drunk is a term referred to for the people who are in…

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Dry Drunk Syndrome: What is Dry drunk?

Dry drunk is a term referred to for the people who are in the process of quitting the alcoholic consumption, yet having issues in their personality. In simple comprehensive terms, you can exclaim that dry drunk counter the drunkard personality issue without drinking or taking drugs. It is always the first step towards rehabilitation and for dry drunks, it becomes excessive to get riddance of their alcoholic urge.  It takes a lot of courage and self-motivation to separate yourself from drunk habits but the outcome is a positive mindset with a more outgoing and interactive personality. Rehabilitation not only cleans the body from the presence of harmful substances but also expurgates the personality and habits of a person. In this entire rehabilitation phenomenon, it isn’t something new to face the dry drunk syndrome.

What is a Dry Drunk Alcoholism?

There are frequent challenges to ditch alcohol dependency that results in dry dunk syndrome. it has been observed that it is rather complicated to get sober without drinking as compared to leaving the drinking habits. The syndrome of dry drunk depicts the persistent irrational behavior of the person who is trying to get rid of the alcoholic consumption addition. This syndrome compels the person to behave as if he is drunk, and it’s very troublesome for the person itself to cope with this behavior. It makes the urge of alcohol eloquent that is yet another challenge of rehabilitation.

What are the Characteristics of a Dry Drunk?

The symptoms of dry drunk syndrome encompass the same behavioral reaction as the last stages of drug withdrawal. The symptoms concomitant the mood, behavior, and personality of the person undergoing rehab. A person suffering from the dry drunk syndrome shows the following characteristics in its conduct; Frustration Irritability Anger management issues Restlessness Anxiety Low spirit Distraction Sleeplessness Urge to gamble Dishonesty Criticizing behavior Judgmental behavior Do not assume that exhibiting these symptoms means you are stuck up in the same place without getting any responsive results from rehab. just like other treatments, challenges are meant to improve your mental strength.

How to Deal with a Dry Drunk?

In order, to cope with the syndrome of dry drunk, firstly ensure that you have identified the symptoms correctly. Then you must completely focus on your rehab treatment without letting second thoughts slip into your mind. You can implement the following actions and activities to compress the syndrome potently. All these methods teach you how to cure drunkenness. Open Up to people It is understandable that once you have been through all the behavioral changes because of your drinking habit, it becomes very arduous to open up to people. But still, try to connect with your loved ones. This way, you won’t feel alone and can get a grip on yourself to get rid of this syndrome. Self-Care Try to take initiative in taking care of yourself. Spare some time to work on your healthy diet, drink a reasonable amount of water. Go to walk, sleep properly, interact with people, take proper rest, and perform some light physical exercise. Practice self-love to nurture self-motivation Meditation Meditation can help you relieve your stress. This way you can look at life with a brighter perspective. Use other actives to cope with your mental stress like reading, outing, and gardening. Drinking Reasons It is always a better suggestion to confront the reasons that made you an addict. Resolve them step-by-step and peacefully to fully eradicate the root cause.

Is it Better to be a Dry Drunk or a Wet Drunk?

In the practical aspect, it is better to be a dry drunk during the rehabilitation process than to bear a wet brain’s acute symptoms. The wet brain is the phenomenon that occurs due to excessive drinking of alcohol. It damages the brain by depleting its nutrient composition. While a dry drunk struggles with various behavioral issues during alcohol withdrawal. This is better than the wet brain as you can get back to the track of healthy life after overcoming dry drunk syndromes. But once you are in the critical phase of wet drunk, it can be life-threatening.

Final Verdict

It is not always necessary to face a dry drunk situation while rehabilitating. It primarily happens to those who quit their treatment midway or stimulate the contributing factor that made them get addicted to alcohol in the first place. Moreover, it is a misconception among people to consider that if its syndrome appears then they’ll turn back to being an addict. Alternatively, if you effectively manage the syndrome then you can have more constructive and positive results of your rehab.


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