Faces of Meth

Faces of meth demonstrate the oppressive impact of methamphetamine on the body and a path towards recovery. Addiction has caused a lot of suffering to the people and the young generation because of its inexorable aftermath on the central nervous system. Meth is a drug that falls in the category of stimulants. Its powder form makes it easy to intake. It has various other names like crystal, tina, ice, speed, chalk, and glass. People abuse this drug by taking meth injections, snoring its power from nostrils, adding it in the drinks, and taking it as a solid crystal. Reminiscent of other addictive drugs, meth causes a feeling of pleasure and excitement, followed by the repressive imprint on the body.

Chemical Composition

It is a one-time boost that comes along with the tiredness and addiction on its back. It provides the excess energy to the body of its user, making them high and energetic for the time being. Its chemical formula is C10H15N with a molecular mass of 149.273g/mol. It is a stimulant of the nervous system because it impacts the functioning of the brain. Clinically it assists in the second-line medicaments for obesity and ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Mostly you can find Meth abuse as a recreational drug because of its stimulant nature. The faces of meth also describe the actual horror of meth because of its severe impact on the faces.

Faces Of Meth Symptoms

The individual side effects of methamphetamine, also known as the faces of meth, vary depending upon the usage of this drug. The most common symptoms of meth abuse encompass an elevation in blood pressure, sweating, irregular heart rate, blurry vision, rapid breathing, dry mouth, hot flashes, and headache. You can also feel a decline in appetite, that’s the reason for the usage of this drug for obesity. The lower dosage of meth causes the following symptoms.

  • Pleasant mood
  • Alertness
  • Concentration
  • High energy
  • Less fatigued
  • Reduce appetite
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Excitement

The person taking the drug shows many faces of meth throughout the intake of this illicit medication. People opt for the intake of methamphetamine, causing faces of meth as a drastic impact on the body and central nervous system. The intake of this drug on a daily bases induces immunity for the meth resulting in excessive energy for a couple of days. It eventually makes them prone to the faces of meth without realizing the severity of the condition. There are some other symptoms of the faces of meth that appears once the body starts getting the hang of it. Such symptoms include;

  • High body temperature leading to unconsciousness
  • Excruciating itching on the body, specifically on the face
  • The problem in controlling emotions
  • Alteration in the thought process

Aftermaths of Intaking Meth

The faces of meth are the most horrible impact of this drug on the body. The intrinsic aftermaths are;

  • Breakdown of the central nervous system
  • Psychosis
  • Seizure
  • Internal bleeding in the brain
  • Breakdown of skeletal muscles
  • Mood swing
  • Hallucination
  • Violent behavior

The observations reveal that the people abusing meth generate a high sexual desire allowing them to engulf in sexual activities for many days. The meth mouth is the core impact of this drug, causing the formulation of faces of meth programs. The long-term use of methamphetamine damages the brain fluctuates the body movement and causes lapses in memory.


The high potency dose of this drug results in confusion and convulsion along with the faces of meth. Even death is also aftermath describes in the faces of meth com. The other prominent influence of meth on the body involves;

  • Rapid aging
  • Skin Problems
  • Issues with facial muscle system
  • Meth Mouth

All these aftermaths occur verily in every addictive individual. The side-effects reveled by the faces of meth incorporate the acne due to skin issues. It also surfaces the decay of teeth and gums along with the excessive face fat. Some people confront these consequences just after the few months of their addiction habit, while some face these side-effects after years of addiction. In either case, it is credential to opt for the treatment right away to get riddance from this parasite of methamphetamine.

Faces of Meth Project

The “Faces of Meth” is a project that is put in place by the US to assists the people suffering from the addiction. The Project visualizes the faces of meth before and after the intake of the drug to promote awareness of its consequences. It is more like a mug shot photos of people addicted to meth to prevent others from taking this drug. This is a prevailing strategy that focalizes the disgusting impact of this drug by showing the faces of meth so that people think thrice before going towards its addiction. It not only emphasizes the impact of methamphetamine in disfiguring the face but also highlights the stance of using this drug illegally.

Awareness Program

The project of faces of meth encompasses videos and mug shots of the people caught during their illegal drug abuse. Although at some point, the project confronted the allegation of the privacy breach. The charges got turn down because the faces of meth utilize the public record for the photos rather than invading someone’s privacy. It is prominent that the common impa\cts of meth abuse can revert from on-time treatment. But if the symptoms reach the level of rapid aging and face distortion, then it will become extremely challenging to reverse the original condition of the abuser. That’s the reason as to why the project is an initiative to spread awareness for the prevention of meth abuse. The early treatment controls the withdrawal symptoms of meth by treating depression, insomnia, anxiety, and fatigue.


Meth has drastic impacts on the human body, labeling it as an illicit substance. It is crucial to opt for the treatment at an early age to minimize the harm on the user’s central nervous system. The drug prevention projects are put in place to promote awareness in terms of the aftermath and treatment of methamphetamine abuse.



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