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Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Gabapentin Abuse

Gabapentin Abuse: Overdose, Symptoms, Signs-AllAboutLives Gabapentin Abuse happens extra usage of drugs without proper prescription. The clinical name of Gabapentin…

Gabapentin Abuse: Overdose, Symptoms, Signs-AllAboutLives

Gabapentin Abuse happens extra usage of drugs without proper prescription. The clinical name of Gabapentin is Neurontin. Research reveals that it is among the most prescribed drug in the US in recent years because of its effectiveness to hold seizures. You will see this drug in a capsule form in the pharmacies. It is a legal drug and that has been medically proven. Besides it also carries various street names for its off-label utilization.

Gabapentin abuse

Gabapentin is a renowned medication for relieving pain. Doctors prescribe this medicine specifically to treat epilepsy and neurotic pain. Its chemical composition resembles the GABA, which influences the central nervous system of a human body. People also use this drug for the rehabilitation of the dependency on alcohol. People even use this medicine to cure anxiety without proper prescription. There are many controversies in its usage because of its excessive demand in the market recently.


The features of Gabapentin comprise a capsule form of 30 mg weight. Its molecular weight is calculated to be 171.24 g/mol. Its chemical formula is C9H17NO2. Its chemical nature is identical to that of gamma-aminobutyric acid that is a fluid controlling the nervous system through its secretion from the brain.

Gabapentin, how it works?

Gabapentin has the recognition as an effective medication for the seizure due to its unparallel functioning. The substances in the Gabapentin tends to recast the neural reception. The function of Gabapentin is to transmute the central receptors of the brain. With the revamping of the user’s brain’s electrical activity, Gabapentin transfers messages to the neural cells. These neural messages calm the brain and reduce the chances of epilepsy and seizures.

How do people abuse Gabapentin?

There have been many cases where it has been reported that people are abusing the use of this drug for their dependencies. It has the label of the V drug in many countries. This action is made to ensure that people aren’t getting addicted to Gabapentin. In medical history, there are occurrences where people have used this drug for illegal purposes. That involves recreating other addictive drugs from it, using if to inflict self-harm, and for relaxation. The excess use of this drug gives the feeling similar to cocaine and cannabis.  But as for now, the US hasn’t categorized it in the V drugs.


There are many benefits associated with this drug that’s why people are using it in a constant setting. Its benefits involve

The pain-relieving attributes specifically for neuropathic pain.

It has a relatively high effectiveness ratio in curing migraine.

It assists in the treatment of almost both focal and mixed seizure.

It is also known for having positive effects on anxiety patients.

People who are highly dependent on alcohol also uses this drug to captivate their cravings.

Is Neurontin good for anxiety?


Neurontin is the brand name of Gabapentin that is widely accompanied in the medication as a drug to stabilize anxiety disorder. The people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety usually adhere to Gabapentin to treat anxiety. But Gabapentin is like an off-brand drug in treating anxiety and sleeplessness as its broader implementation is in treating epilepsy and its after-effects. You should consult the doctor before intaking this drug if you intend to take Gabapentin for your anxiety or sleeplessness.

Can you crush up Gabapentin?


As per the doctor’s recommendation, it is better to swallow the tablet of Gabapentin. Crushing the gabapentin tablet is not an ideal solution as it can catalyst the impact of medication. People who only use Gabapentin for treatment of anxiety and headache can get addicted to it if they are taking it in crush form. The sequels of taking Gabapentin in the crushed form are also more rapidly apparent than those who swallow it as a whole. Some people tend to chew the tablet of Gabapentin that should also be avoided.  Chewing the tablet of Gabapentin will let out the impact of the drug at once, just like the crushed form, elating the chances of addiction.

Can you get high if you snort Gabapentin?


The nature of the Gabapentin and opioid is scarcely different as it doesn’t inflict direct damage to the receptors. Ergo, people usually get addicted to the drug Gabapentin if they take it for a long time. The long-term intake of Gabapentin in crushed form can also boost the gradual infusion process of Gabapentin in the system. But unlike the opioid that can make a person high through sniffing, Gabapentin doesn’t visualize such addiction. So, you can draw the inference that snorting gabapentin doesn’t make you high instantly.

What are the most common side effects of Gabapentin?

Along with its so many benefits, it also carries some side effects that involve the feeling of fatigue, dizziness, and tremor.  There are also experiments to ensure its relation with cancer and peripheral edema. It also roots the effects of poor coordination along with forgetfulness.


It’s readily available is one of its pros. It is accessible to people in most countries for pain-relieving and epilepsy treatment. Its small size is also an advantage as people take this medicine because of its 30mg portion per capsule. Science is still researching this drug cautiously to specify its category for either beneficial or harmful to human beings.


Suicidal thoughts have been notices among people who use an excessive amount of Gabapentin. Depression, anxiety, difficulty in speaking, and also causes the inability to feel pleasure follows its cons. One of its prominent cons is the fact that once its addiction starts the person will constantly refuse the withdrawal of this drug.

Final Verdict

At the end of all the debate over its uses, you can comprehend that its effectiveness is driven by its usage. Thinking about it from a positive perspective reveals that it is a general medicine just like others, causing harm to its excessive use only.


This drug is also effective on cats for the treatment of their multi pains. This drug is still under research as it is suspected to cure bipolar disease. You can’t be sure of its harmful nature unless you misuse it yourself.


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