Gabapentin and Alcohol:Uses Of Gabapentine, Addiction Of Alcohol
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Gabapentin and Alcohol

Gabapentin and alcohol act as each other contenders. Gabapentin is commercially available by the name of Neurontin. It is a…

Gabapentin and alcohol act as each other contenders. Gabapentin is commercially available by the name of Neurontin. It is a legally introduced drug for the treatment of epilepsy. The chemical composition of Gabapentin is C9H18ClNO2, with a molecular weight of 207.7g/mol.  There are cases where people use Gabapentin as drug abuse. The impact of Gabapentin and alcohol are similar, but their respective dosage makes the difference. Gabapentin mixes harmoniously with the other medicine to formulate the treatment plan for seizure and epilepsy. You can also find people using Gabapentin for the withdrawal of alcohol dependency. This reason makes a close call for the impacts of Gabapentin on the human body.

The brand of Gabapentin determines the strength of its dosage. The most common brand names of Gabapentin, available in the pharmacies encompass;

  • Gabarone
  • Horizant
  • Gratis
  • Neurontin
  • FusepaqFanatrex

All these brands have variant strength of Gabapentin in them.

Uses of Gabapentin

Gabapentin belongs to the medicinal category of the anticonvulsant. Among its other uses, the most prominent is the treatment in the following classes.

  • Seizure
  • Epilepsy
  • Neuropathic pain caused by the shingle
  • Nerve pain
  • Restless leg syndrome RLS

Various brands of Gabapentin exclusively use for the treatment of a specific problem. Gralise solely serves the purpose of neuropathic pain. Similarly, Horizant is a prescription for the treatment of RLS. Gabapentin has similar narcotic features that become the root cause of addiction. It also finds its usance in diabetic neuropathy pain and the hot flesh in women with breast cancer.

Gabapentin is available in the form of a capsule, tablet, and oral solution. It is preferable to swallow the medicine as a whole. Doctors explain that chewing Gabapentin can impact its effective functionality.

Gabapentin with Other Medicine

Gabapentin oral capsules usually interact with medicine resulting in either low impact or severe side-effects. Gabapentin and alcohol are the most dangerous combination. Gabapentin and alcohol withdrawal usually interlink because of their impact on each other. If you are on the treatment of Gabapentin and end up drinking alcohol, then there will be some side effects. The most common side effects that you might face can affect your body. Dizziness, difficulty in concentration, and drowsiness are what happens when you mix Gabapentin and alcohol. Gabapentin and alcohol contradict each other effects. That’s the reason why doctors ask you to avoid drinking when you are on your medication.  You should inform your doctor about alcohol and gabapentin consumption during the treatment.

Relation Between Gabapentin and Alcohol

The fact that gabapentin assists in alcohol withdrawal are indeed true. But using Gabapentin and alcohol simultaneously can strain the body. Gabapentin can obstruct you from drinking alcohol. Gabapentin treatment can also cure the symptoms of addiction withdrawal. ButGabapentin doesn’t completely cure alcohol addiction. It just acts as a catalyst in diverging the urge for alcohol consumption. The excess consumption of this drug will lead you to opt for gabapentin and alcohol withdrawal. In reality, Gabapentin is more effective for assisting in the rehabilitation of alcoholism, but its side effects can worsen the situation if its consumption is not controlled. You can find more about the relation between these two drugs on Gabapentin and alcohol Reddit. Gabapentin is not widely known for alcohol withdrawal because of specific reasons. The main reason is that the patient can get addicted to Gabapentin in the process of alcohol withdrawal. In many countries, doctors officially prescribe the supervised intake of Gabapentin for the treatment of alcoholism. Gabapentin comes from the related chemical family of addictive drugs and substances. It’s essential to follow the doctor’s instructions for gabapentin intake as anti-craving medicine.

Can I drink coffee while on Gabapentin?

Gabapentin has distinct impacts depending on the drug that you are taking with it. Multiple medications should be avoided while you are intaking Gabapentin for either alcohol rehab or the treatment of epilepsy. The amalgamation of caffeine and Gabapentin is more like repellent components that nullify the effect. Caffeine serves the purpose of diminishing tiredness, while Gabapentin can treat alcohol addiction and anxiety. So, if you are drinking coffee while on a gabapentin intake schedule, there are chances that the med won’t work. The anticonvulsant attributes of Gabapentin get ebb if there is caffeine in your system.

What foods to avoid while taking gabapentin?

The food and beverages containing caffeine should be avoided while taking Gabapentin. The drinks that contain caffeine can elucidate the dry mouth syndrome that is the root cause for a cavity. The grapefruit is among the foods that are not helpful during Gabapentin intake as they can catalyst the addiction. Grapefruittends to absorb the Gabapentin more swiftly, paving the path to addiction.  The foods that are too salty or spicy should also be avoided during the Gabapentin utility. Such foods can cause dry mouth or can give off the burning sensation in the stomach if your system is recipiencyGabapentin.

Side Effects of Gabapentin

The side effects of Gabapentin stems from the impact of harmful substances on body functioning. Gabapentin has severe effects in the case of excess consumption. The severe symptoms of Gabapentin appear due to alcohol consumption because they boost the respective side-effect of each other. The symptoms of Gabapentin involve;

  • Drowsiness
  • Tiredness
  • Memory issue
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart burning
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Weight gain
  • Joint pain
  • Itching
  • Hoarseness
  • Seizure

In the case of these symptoms, you should consult your therapist right away. The overdose of Gabapentin leads to the side effects of double vision and slurred speech. People using Gabapentin as an anticonvulsant may have suicidal thoughts and depression as a side effect, but chances of this are relatively low. Missing a dose of Gabapentin doesn’t mean to take an extra one. If you happen to miss your dose then, don’t take extra to fill the deficiency. Consult your doctor and keep up with your daily schedule.

Can Gabapentin cause groin pain?

Given the nature of Gabapentin as an anticonvulsant, it is also efficient in treating neuropathic pain, inclusive of groin pain. The medication of Gabapentin can control seizure and groin pain if you are using a prescribed dose of the drug under scrupulous consideration. But there is also the possibility of confronting groin pain during gabapentin use due to allergic reaction. If you are allergic to specific components available in the Gabapentin, then the groin’s chances are likely. Therefore, it is better to check whether you are allergic to the ingredients of Gabapentin before starting your gabapentin course.

How to halve Gabapentin?

To lighten the dose of Gabapentin, you can halve the tablet and take it at your particular scheduled time. Rather than intaking two tablets in a day, you can divide a single table of Gabapentin into two halves. Your doctor’s recommendation and suggestion bear effectual value for splitting the pill of Gabapentin or lightening the dose. You can’t use the second half of the gabapentin tablet if it’s been 20 days or above since you divided the pill in two. It’s surpassing to use the second half of the tablet as a 2nd dose rather than keeping it for later use.

Can I drink alcohol with Gabapentin?

Doctors advise people to avoid taking Gabapentin and alcohol at the same time because it contains inactive substances that can get triggered by alcohol. It can lead to various allergic reactions in the body. It is better to stay away from alcohol when you are taking Gabapentin. Gabapentin and alcohol both cause drowsiness so, you can guess what happens if you mix Gabapentin and alcohol. If you have used Gabapentin and alcohol side-by-side, then don’t drive for a while. Taking Gabapentin during pregnancy can be fatal. Don’t use Gabapentin even for alcohol withdrawal during your pregnancy. If you are breast-feeding your child, then consult the doctor for the use of Gabapentin and other harmful substances like alcohol. If you have a previous medical record of heart disease, COPD, dialysis, liver disease, lung disease, and drug addiction, then mention this to your doctor before starting your course of Gabapentin.


Gabapentin doesn’t mix well with alcohol. Therefore, try to avoid alcohol consumption while taking Gabapentin. Gabapentin’s normal dosage doesn’t harm the body unless you have a previous medical record. It is among the best remedies for alcohol withdrawal. You can mix Gabapentin with herbal medicine, but don’t mix it with alcohol and other addictive substances. Treating seizures with Gabapentin is a normal practice and has a significant improvement rate. Under doctor supervision, gabapentin advantages overrule its side-effects. The side-effects only appear in the case of gabapentin abuse.

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