High Functioning Anxiety

This high functioning anxiety is not a clinically diagnosed disorder yet it encompasses all the existing traits of people who are suffering from anxiety. Many pieces of research have unveiled the fact that high functioning anxiety is a laymen term, constituting on symptoms of anxiety with a variant frequency. People who are discovered with this evolved form of anxiety appears to be working fine in society. But inside they seem to be in a continuous struggle with their fear and anxiety. One of the prominent aspects of all the people with high functioning anxiety is they exhibit their nature to hide this very issue. They are outgoing yet precisely reserved for sharing this anxiety issue with others. Connivingly, this is one of the substantial reasons for it to not be recognized as a disorder because people pull through the daily activities in the pretext of hiding their actual agony.


The symptoms of high functioning anxiety resemble that of anxiety, but it doesn’t cause a physical effect on the behavior. You can diagnose this disorder through

  • Perfectionism
  • Constant dissatisfaction
  • Workaholism
  • Over analyzing
  • Irritability
  • Nervousness
  • Inconvenience in denying others


Although it is a sort of mental disorder yet it positively influences daily life making it hard to diagnose. People with high functioning anxiety exhibit the following traits in their social and professional life.

  • High achiever
  • Out-going personality
  • Task accomplishers
  • Well organized
  • Passionate
  • Calm
  • Active
  • Loyal
  • Proactive
  • Clean and tidy

Side Effects

The human body works like a machine where each part contributes to the overall operationality. Leaving any part unattended affects the overall performance of the body. The brain is the central monitoring system for the human body should be given extra patronage. Leaving the issue of anxiety unattended may sprout some other issues concerning mental health. These issues may affect the human body in the following ways;

  • It can directly impact the human ability to reason.
  • This may affect the decision-making capabilities of a person.
  • It drives stress
  • Prolonged anxiety sows depression.
  • There are chances of getting heart disease due to untreated anxiety.
  • It may hinder the normal breathing process.
  • It can also worsen the problem of gastrointestinal.

Treatment of High Functioning Anxiety

People are reluctant in treating high functioning anxiety just because it isn’t medically diagnosed. It is critical to understand the fact that every disease has some impact on the functioning g of the body and hence should be reprimanded by proper treatment and medication. This disorder originates from mental instability or prolonged exposure in a pressurized environment and can be treated like a normal anxiety disorder.

You can avail of the proper psychotherapy along with some prescribed medications to keep your anxious feeling at bay. There are also some advanced medical practices constituting the therapy of cognitive behavior just to ease the symptoms and affect of anxiety on the human body. This therapy has always been a qualitative approach to diminish the negative thoughts originated by anxiety. Doctors generally prescribe the medicine that has strong components to depress the feeling of anxiousness. These medicines involve anti-depressants and anti-anxiety to control high functioning anxiety before it modifies it into a severe mental disorder. Also, you’ll find the usage of benzodiazepine, SSRI, and beta-blockers to effectively cure anxiety. All these medications and treatments have a positive influence on anxiety patients through their records. You can also opt for the residential treatment as a change of pace and environ men t also exhibits a core function in curing the anxiety.

Bottom line

It is always an appreciable initiative to go to the doctor and talk about this rather than keeping it hidden. Try to disperse negative thoughts and adopt the habit of proper sleeping. Consult your doctor and don’t skip your medication. It will help you in overcoming this disorder.

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