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Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Methadone Side Effects

Methadone Side Effects: Side Effects, Precautions Methadone Side Effects are more than we think. Methadone is a prescription used for…

Methadone Side Effects: Side Effects, Precautions

Methadone Side Effects are more than we think. Methadone is a prescription used for drug dependents. It is a drug medication, which is a controlled substance which means that it is completely monitored by your doctor.

Methadone is an oral tablet which means that it can be dissolved in liquid and can be a concentrate solution. Methadone also comes in the form of intravenous, which can only be given from a health care provider.

Methadone is available in the market as a brand name for methadone and dolphins. It is available in the market as a general medicine because they usually cost no brand name. It might not be available in most of the cases as in pure strength form because of its brand name drug.

Why is it used?


Methadone tablet is used for controlling moderate to severe pain. It should only be provided to the patient when any other medicine doesn't work for him/her. It can also be used to control addiction to opioids such as heroin and marijuana. In case, you're addicted to any sort of drug, this tablet will help you with having worse symptoms and will control your addiction to drugs. It is basically from a class of drugs (medicines) which as known as opioids analgesics.

Does Benadryl make Methadone stronger?


Methadone already compromises the room for addiction in the rehabilitation treatment. Methadone contains the components that can exhilarate the overall drug effect if used with antihistamines. Benadryl is a drug that usually tends to the common cold and other allergies. But due to its nature as an H1 antihistamine, it is used in prison to make the impact of methadone stronger. What drugs should not be taken with Cymbalta? The drug of Cymbalta and the MAO inhibitor doesn't adapt well to each other. Therefore, doctors recommend not to take the medication Cymbalta if you are using MAO inhibitors. You should not take Cymbalta at least for five days if you are planning on taking MAO inhibitors within the same week. Similarly, doctors also advise waiting for a minimum of 14 days to take Cymbalta if you have taken linezolid, phenelzine, or any other MAO inhibitor. Is cephalexin a strong antibiotic? The cephalexin has the origins of first-generation antibiotics and is deemed as the strong antibiotic against bacterial invasion. The broad division of the cephalexin ensures protection against bacterial attacks, specifically in the respiratory tract. The medicine has a strong impact as it can trace back the bacteria from various parts of the body and can completely eliminate them. This drug has a pivotal effect against the bacteria and hence is a preferred choice as per the doctors. What antidepressants are safe to use with methadone? It is evident that not every antidepressant suits the patient, who is intaking methadone. Some antidepressants that are dependent on opioids can boost the impact of methadone and increase its functioning. This also evolves the chances of addiction; therefore, doctors don't usually recommend patients to use methadone along with other antidepressants. The antidepressants that are clinically safe to use along with methadone involve reboxetine, venlafaxine, and escitalopram. These antidepressants don't penetrate the effect of methadone and hence don't come in the way of its functioning. Studies reveal that these antidepressants don't boost the methadone effects, and thus their infusion with methadone under restricted intake is not harmful to the body. How do people get addicted to opioids? Opioids contain delicate contents that can influence the chemical fluids available in the brain. People who get addicted to opioid mostly start taking more than their prescribed medicinal dose. This act causes dependency by adjusting the body as per the high dose of opioid-based medicines. The brain structures the body functioning by making it addicted to opioids by giving the feeling that opioid intake is necessary for the body to function. That's how people get addicted to opioids by intaking more than the standard dose to satisfy body demand.

What are the Side Effects of Methadone?


As we all know, a careful dose of methadone is legal and medically accepted in the medical field, but still, it is a drug that is used against heroin or opium. Although it is used as a drug, it is still a narcotic which can cause many serious side effects and can be a cause of addiction. When a patient consumes it, they will experience some dangerous side effects in their body, which will be a cause of both physical and psychological problems. Even when you are using it for a short period of time, it can still cause some serious short-term side effects which are discussed below Drowsiness Methadone tablets can cause extreme drowsiness and slow breathing on usage for a short period of time. It is possible that drowsiness or slow breathing can occur in the first hour of taking the dose and might be when your healthcare provider increases the amount of dose. In order to reduce the effect, you should get up slowly before rising from a lying position. Lightheadedness Methadone can also cause lightheadedness. It is because of the continuous dose of the drug. You should get up slowly from sitting to allow the blood to reach uniformly to your head. Dry mouth Another side effect of methadone is dry mouth which will make your teeth prone to more production of plaque, which will result in gum diseases and decaying of teeth. You should more and more water after taking the dose of this medicine. Sexual impotence Among the patients using methadone maintenance therapy, they encounter many sexual dysfunctions in which Erectile dysfunction is the most prominent. According to the studies, 52% of patients of MMT suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Many patients who have depression suffer more form of ED. Urinary retention and constipation Urinary retention means the inability to completely empty your bladder. This medication will be a cause urinary retention, constipation, and slow movement of your stomach and bowel which will lead to bowel dysfunction. In order to prevent constipation, you should eat a lot of dietary fiber, enough water, and do a lot of exercises. You will also need a laxative and your healthcare provider will guide you right about which type of laxative will be suitable for you.


Methadone generally belongs to a class of drugs known as opioids which will act as a drug addiction therapy. It works on pain receptors present inside your body. They will reduce the pain present inside your body that you feel. It can also be used as a replacement for drugs to which you are addicted and will help you from having worse symptoms and conditions.

Take this medicine on the prescription of your doctor.  Do not consider taking a longer dose, you should take it more often or maybe for a longer period. Before taking medicine, you should consider speaking to your healthcare provider about the period of treatment and ways to reduce pain. Also, speak to your doctor about family issues or maybe mental problems.

In case, you are suffering from nausea, then it is better to take this medicine with food. For better suggestions, you should implement your doctor’s suggestion to decrease nausea that you feel. Do not chew or swallow this tablet.


One of the major side effects of methadone is respiratory depression and the most frequently observed reactions include vomiting and sweating.

Death due to overdose

A methadone overdose can lead to respiratory disorder, respiratory arrest, and even death. In non-tolerant persons, these respiratory depressions are prone to occur. These events can emerge in opioids, usually at higher overdose.

The above discussed are some of the physical side effects of using methadone. There are also some psychological side effects resulting from the irregular use of methadone. These effects are described below:


Hallucinations are one of the most important and unaddressed side effects of the drugs. Most of the patient does not like to talk about this issue because they will think that it is not important. All psychological issues are as crucial as other physical issues. These issues need to be addressed. Patients can visit psychiatrists to seek their issues.


Paranoia basically involves the feeling of anxiety and thoughts which are related to suicide, threats, and conspiracy. It only occurs in some of the mental disorders, but can be because of the excessive dose of methadone.


Insomnia is not directly related to methadone but many other factors can cause similar problems in which insomnia is most important.


Though medications are helpful for people but may cause addiction as well. As addiction is one of the most common side effects of methadone, it should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. The risk of addiction may be reduced if you are well aware of the side effects of methadone.

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